Tug Of Paw Toy
Tug Of Paw Toy
Tug Of Paw Toy
Tug Of Paw Toy
Tug Of Paw Toy


Tug Of Paw Toy

Keeps Your Dog Happy And Entertained For Hours!

Do you have a super energetic dog that wants to play 24/7 but you don't have the time or energy to match? Or maybe your dog keeps chewing up the furniture?

Well the Tug Of Paw Toy is here to your rescue!  Proven to keep dogs entertained for hours, this toy grabs their attention and energy, satisfies their chewing hunger from your valuables, and provides great indoor exercise... all while they have fun!



The Tug Of Paw Toy's unique design features makes it attractive to your dog and invites them to have the time of their lives. It gives them a real challenge, fills their need to chew, and with the physical exertion involved it also exhausts and calms down aggressive dogs.




  • Completely Safe For Your Pet - The ball is made of a toxic-free, food-grade TPR rubber blend, making it safe to chew on. Meanwhile the thick braided fiber rope is designed to prevent any backfire or kickbacks, keeping your pet safe during their play.

  • Easy To Setup & Remove - Simply press down the suction cup end to a flat surface for setup. Once ready to remove, the cup is designed with small pressure flaps you lift which helps kill the suction pressure and makes it easy to lift. No damage to your walls or floors!

  • Great For Their Dental Health - The ball's rugged texture is designed to promote dental hygiene and health in dogs, giving them a decent gum workout and floss as they chew and gnaw on it.

  • Ultra-Durable & Built Tough - Featuring a strong suction base and a thick, braided rope, it's built to withstand any amount of tension or sharp, aggressive chewing. It can survive the worst beatings and easily withstands dogs up to 140 lbs!


How It Works:


Size: 15.7" x 3.9"

Material: Food-grade TPR rubber blend + braided cotton fiber rope

Durable and made to last

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