Live It Green - Flower Hanging Wall Clips (30 pcs set)
Live It Green - Flower Hanging Wall Clips (30 pcs set)
Live It Green - Flower Hanging Wall Clips (30 pcs set)


Live It Green - Flower Hanging Wall Clips (30 pcs set)

If you're not a plant person, bringing greenery into your home can seem intimidating, but there's one way to make it work. Even the most greenery-challenged person can do it! Live It Green - Flower Hanging Wall Clips will help hold the vines up against the wall without consuming too much space.

Almost invisible, these mini-hooks hang with adhesive strips that won’t damage your walls. They hold up to a half-pound, so using them as plant clips is a no-brainer. It effectively saves the indoor space, so that the vine can be fixed on the wall without taking up space.

  • suitable for various climbing plants - these are suitable to plants that deal well with low light like pothos vines
  • suitable for all types of plants
  • helps you achieve the scenery that you want - use one plant for a minimal arrangement, or group a few together to create a full wall of greenery
  • strong adsorption - the fixed clip knob is designed to be easy to use and firm, saves space, and the base has strong adsorption force and is not easy to fall off
  • premium material - it is made of high-quality ABS material, which is durable and practical
  • growing supports for the garden, balcony, greenhouse or indoor plants
  • multi-functional - this can also be used for household cable management and other wiring management
  • it will not damage your plants and protects them from harsh weather
  • wide usage - suitable for cars, homes, and offices, and can be applied to various cables and various climbing plants so that they are placed according to our planned shape and direction

How to use:

  • first, you have to clean the surface and keep it dry
  • then tear off the adhesive protection film at the back of the wall clips
  • stick to the surface and press tightly and start hanging your plants 

Material: plastic
Size: 28 mm x 21 mm (1.1 in x 0.8 in)
Package includes: 30 x wall clips